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It’s Jennifer with Profit Plus Advisors, and this question came to me from one of my favorite clients about a year ago, but I find that it applies to so many business owners today. The question he asked was:

“When I sit down to look at our numbers at the end of each month; I feel so overwhelmed. I don’t understand half of what I’m looking at, and there’s so much detail I get frustrated and just go back to selling. What should I do?”

If you’re in this situation, I’m sure you understand the frustration this client was going through because it is really frustrating to know we’re supposed to be looking at our numbers, but we’re confused, we’re overwhelmed, and because we don’t know what to do we just give up, and go back to what we were doing. The answer to this question is simple: get help.

The information is not going to just magically figure itself out.

Getting help from a qualified expert who can break down the information into manageable chunks will not only shorten your curve, it will eliminate the frustration and overwhelm.

When you truly understand the financial position of your company it’s going to open up new ideas, and help you solve financial issues in your business more easily.

Getting helps means learning from the experience of somebody who has already been through it. They’ve already solved the problem, and they help other business owners solve this problem every day, so for them, it’s going to be a whole lot easier to help and you do not have to suffer in silence. Plus, other areas of the business may not be getting attention because you don’t understand the numbers. When you’re not empowered with the right financial information, things can fall short and cause small problems to become big ones quickly.

I remember earlier on in my first company; I was a woman entrepreneur in business. We didn’t have coaches. We didn’t have programs. There wasn’t an entrepreneur group on every corner with a ton of resources that I could rely on. It was just me trying to figure it out. A few years into my business, I ended up hiring a coach, and at the time, it was so unheard of to hire a business coach that one of our trade magazines actually did a feature article on me because I had done this crazy thing of hiring a business coach to help me with my business.

These days we’re so lucky because there are ample resources at our disposal. There are financial experts and coaches, and consultants and fantastic programs out there that can help us solve this problem, so we don’t have to suffer in silence. We don’t have to do the trial and error, which is so much more costly in the long run than just hiring an expert to help you solve the problem.

This is what I told my client: get help, there are lots of resources available today. Take advantage of them. The most successful entrepreneurs always have an arsenal of coaches, consultants, and people at will that are ready and available to help them with any of the problems or challenges that come up in their business.

What’s Next:

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Jennifer Dawn is the the co-founder of Profit Plus Advisors, a Profit First Certified Coach, and a Provendus Growth Academy Coach. She has built two multi-million dollar businesses, is a published author, and accomplished speaker.